When you are trying to build an online store then the WordPress e-commerce plugins are your best bet. Choosing the right solution can be the most important part when you are in the process of building your ecommerce store since it can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business. Along with choosing the right solution you also need to focus on choosing the right e-commerce plugins because this is another step that will guarantee that you will create the best business platform possible. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 of the best ecommerce solutions and plugins that WordPress can offer you.


When it comes too WordPress as an ecommerce solution, it is wildly known that probably the most popular plugin that it offers is the WooCommerce plugin. When it comes to the pros of using the WooCommerce plugin one of the biggest advantages are the hundreds of themes and extensions that the plugin offers. This is a feature that makes it very easy for you to add even more features to your own e-commerce website. Another great perk is that you get tools that will help you manage your inventory in a very easy and efficient way. The WooCommerce plugin also has built-in support for several of the most popular payment gateways and it can also calculate the shipping and tax fees for you.


When it comes to the Shopp plugin as a WordPress e-commerce solution, you get a great plugin that is suited for selling pretty much any type of item. This is probably one of the biggest pros of this plugin since it supports physical, virtual and digital product types. Another bonus is that the plugin has been specifically designed to be PCI compliant and the plugin itself pays special attention to security and safety measures which will only help you in designing a safe ecommerce store. Probably one of the biggest cons of this plugin is that the number of themes that you are offered are very limited and you only get very few options.

Easy digital downloads

The easy digital downloads plugin is one that allows you to sell your digital downloads online with ease using the WordPress as an e-commerce solution. What’s great about this plugin is that has been specifically designed for selling digital downloads, and unlike other plugins which are meant for selling multiple types of products, this one will provide you with a far better experience when you are selling your digital goods. It is also very useful for first-time users because it is very easy to use and users will be able to instantly figure out how to add the products they want to sell to their e-commerce website.

If you are in the process of building your ecommerce website, then finding the right solution to help you in the process is crucial, and this is where the WordPress solution comes in. Hopefully, seeing what WordPress plugins can do for you and your website will help you see that this is the right way to go.


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