When you are building an ecommerce website, one of the biggest things you need to focus on is the design as well as the efficiency of the site itself. This is where plugins come into play and one of the best ecommerce solution is definitely the CMS – WordPress. This is mainly because of all the excellent plugins that this framework offers and in this article we will introduce you to the top three plugins that will empower your sales processes, while you are designing your own ecommerce website.

iThemes Exchange

This plugin comes with the possibility to enable an ecommerce solution to your WordPress website, you are looking at a very strong component when it comes to WordPress ecommerce plugins. This is a plugin that allows you to add products and manage your ecommerce store through a very nice user interface, while also being extremely easy and quick to set up. This plugin is one that supports the selling of both digital downloads and physical goods and it also comes with a very useful addition which will allow you to sell memberships and subscriptions to the customers of your ecommerce. Probably the one thing that counts as a con when it comes to this plugin is the fact that this is a younger plugin than most and that means that you get a smaller community with not as much support.


When it comes to ecommerce plugins, Shopify is one of the fastest growing solutions that have the ability to handle everything for you. This is a super easy to use a plugin that is great for beginners since it allows you not to worry about technical aspects such as integrating with different payment gateways, taxes, shipping and so on. You can sell both physical goods, like clothes, and digital downloads, like music, and you also get a complete inventory management system that will make order tracking and other tasks of that nature a breeze. Something that a lot of people consider to be a con is that Shopify uses its own payment platform, however, this is something that can be changed by simply adding an external paying platform.


This is the perfect plugin if you are using the WordPress CMS for ecommerce solution, since they have been designed to work with each other. If you choose this plugin then you will get the ability to choose between hundreds of different themes and extensions which will make it very easy for you to add lots of new features that will make your ecommerce even better. You can sell digital downloads as well as physical goods and either self-affiliate or external products. The Woocommerce plugin comes equipped with a complete inventory management system and it has built-in support for the most popular payment gateways.

With so many ecommerce solutions and plugins out there, it is very important for you to do the proper research in order to see which would be the ones to suit your business needs the best. WordPress is definitely one of the best out there and its plugins may just be the perfect tool to help you build your ecommerce website.


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